Part I – "Friday Morning"

It’s 9:30 am. “Eliana”, a friend of mine at UMD, wakes up and goes into the bathroom to do her morning routine. She has a nutrition test coming up that she has been studying for, so vitamins are all on her mind.

“All right,” she thinks to herself. “I’ll be healthy and take a calcium pill today.”

She reaches for the pills and then realizes that since she doesn’t usually take pills in the morning, she doesn’t have a cup in the bathroom. But, no worry, her roomate’s cup in sitting convienently on the counter. And even more conveiniant, there’s already water in the cup.

“Sweet!” Eliana thinks to herself as she gulps down her pill with the water.

But as she drinks the water, “sweet” is not the term coming to mind. More like “bitter” “burn” and “acid”. Thinking that it must not have been water she swallowed, she asks her roomate what was in the cup in the bathroom. Roomate responds “My contacts and contact solution. Why?”

“Eh..” Eliana responds. “I think I just drank your contacts!”

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