Religion and Personal Identity, Again.

Can I just say that I suck at writing. I can’t believe how bad I am. I just read the last post I wrote, and found at least twenty grammatical mistakes, just by skimming it once.

That being said, I have another thing to say about it.

The friend I referred to has started becoming more religous. He’s set up a chavrusa, he comes to minyan several times a week, and I see him at many of the shiurim that I go to.

I’d love to say that this makes me really happy, but it doesn’t.

He’s also stopped wearing his rugged baseball caps and put on a kippah. Instead of his grungy sweatshirts (or tee shirts, now that it’s warm), he has started wearing polo shirts.

I see him slowly changing, exactly how my father changed. I’d love to say that I’m happy for him, but I’m not.

Since when is giving up your personal identity part of religion?

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