Hishtadlut: Putting in Effort

“In Jewish tradition, it is believed that by preparing for a certain event, one helps the event come about. For example, many single people buy an article of clothing which they will use for their weddings in orders to help bring about that day. (This concept is called Hishtadlout).”

-From a facebook group for a tzipiyah.com event which invites everyone to join them at the Beit HaMikdash on Tisha B’av, with the coming of Mashiach. 
Not quite. In my book, this concept is called voodoo, or depending on the perspective, planning in advance. I know a couple of girls who bought head scarves while they were in Israel, even though they weren’t anywhere close to getting married, because they didn’t know when the next time they would be back would be, and the scarves are much cheaper in Israel than in America. 
Hishtadlut would be going out on dates, asking friends if they know anyone who’d be good for you, etc. Really, it’s anything pro-active in finding someone to get married to. Buying a wedding veil won’t help you find the right person. It’s not pro-active in finding the right person, it’s pro-active in planning the perfect wedding. But the person should come first. 

Diversity in the Office

Here is a recent conversation between a co-worker and I. This particular woman was hired because she speaks Spanish, and many of our customers speak only Spanish. 

Her: Now why would someone have put the file for “Smith-Carrey, Heidi” after “Smith, Veronica”?
Me: Because we file first by last names, then by first names.
Her: But C comes before V, so Carrey comes before Veronica.
Me: Yes, but Carrey is part of her last name. Her last name is “Smith-Carrey”. So you do all the Smiths, and then you start doing all the “Smith-Carrey”.
Her: OK, but see this name starts with a C and this name starts with a V. The C name should be first. This is why I can’t ever find the files that I need. People just don’t know how to file around here.
Me: Yeah, that’s a problem alright.