Roomates: gotta love ’em

-4 girls are sharing a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. We’re not crazy, right?

-2 of roommates are vegetarian. Yay for dairy shabbat meals!
-1 roommate brought a record player, along with her collection of about 70 records. Yay for authentic oldies music!
-I spent an hour trying to convince my roommate that our bunk beds would look better in the corner of the room. She was nearly in tears by the end of it, but finally agreed. We moved it, and she says “You know, I think it does look better this way”. I think I have to be nicer during debates. 
-You can easily tell which stuff the freshman roommate put up: The pieces of paper with funny quotes from the internet do not normally survive more than one semester.
-I don’t know how people who have to take airplanes move into college. 
-My best friend used to live a 30 minute walk away from me. Now she lives in my backyard!
-I really hope the people in my apartment don’t get into any big fights, because I’ve seen too many friendships ruined that way, and my roommates are way too awesome of friends to lose. 
-I bought a dresser from Terrapin Trader, the university surplus shop, today for $24!
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