Driving Thoughts

I teach on Sundays at a school about an hour away from my house. It gives me some great time for personal introspection. Among the thoughts that crossed my mind this week:

-7:45am is WAY too early for a Sunday morning, no matter what. 
-I wonder why drive through Starbucks aren’t more popular?
-How important IS Jewish continuity anyway?
-If I’m going 80 in a 55, I can’t really get annoyed at the cars going 65 for going to slow. The problem isn’t their speed. 
-My ipod is useless because in order to use it in the car, I have to hook it up to the radio, and change the station almost as often as I change the song. 
-If these parents are so committed to their children getting Jewish education, why not send them to day school already?
-My day school was really crappy. My high school wasn’t much better. Still, despite this, I left both these institutions way more committed to Judaism than I was before. Why?

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