Little Boxes

Ikea, the world leader in efficiently-packed, mass produced, globally distributed housewares, now builds houses!

Nearly my entire apartment is from Ikea. Before school started, I spent a week putting together a bunk bed, 2 desks, 2 bookshelves, and a dresser, all from Ikea. Many of the tools in my kitchen are also from Ikea, and lest you think that all kitchen utensils are packed the same way, I also had to assemble my pots and pans-it’s cheaper to ship them with the handles removed, and placed inside the pots.
I can spend days walking around the Ikea store. The fact that there is the entire second floor dedicated as a showroom, there just for the benefit of the design-less like myself, makes me smile. But Ikea houses? I’m not so comfortable with that. My desk is a bit wobbly, and we had to return the bunk bed because some of the boards didn’t fit into where they were supposed to. All that is fine for furniture that I’ll be done with in 2 years, but a house is a long term investment, and I’m not sure I trust Ikea with that.

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