Guilty Pleasures

Today, my english professor asked us to draw a picture of our bookshelves, and list what books were on them. Then she asked us to list the books that are not on our bookshelves, but would be on our ideal bookshelves. I made my lists, and while in general I am very pleased with my bookshelf, I deliberately left off some things that I didn’t want to share with the class, for example, the first book of the Twilight series.

I didn’t plan on reading Twilight. My reasoning was that if my fifth-grade students are reading it, the book couldn’t be THAT stimulating, and it certainly won’t be up to my intelligence level. I “broke” one Shabbos, while visiting a friend. I got bored of the textbook I had brought with me, and there was Twilight, sitting on her coffee table, asking to be read. It’s pretty poorly written, but it’s kinda like a Pringle-once you pop, you just can’t stop. I have to find out what happens to poor Bella and Edward.

Tonight, I was folding laundry while watching TV on my computer. My roomate came in to ask me a question, and I quickly turned off the show. Partly, it was so I could hear what she was saying, but partly, it was because I did not want her to know I was watching “The Secret Life of The American Teenager”. The show is TERRIBLE. The actors don’t really act, the plot is completely ridiculous and it glorifies teen pregnancy. Still, it’s a guilty pleasure. I have to watch because I want to know what happens-does the 15-year-old pregnant girl keep her baby or give it up for adoption? Does the father do as much as he says he will? What’s going to happen with this new boyfriend? Suffice it to say that I don’t watch much TV, because anytime I do, I get highly addicted.

Really, I shouldn’t be embarrassed at my forms of relaxation. If I solely read books such as Twilight, or watched shows like “Secret Life”, then I might have to start moving up to the next floor in the library. However, I’m comfortable with the amount of time I spend with these forms of entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with going brainless for an hour or two. Still, I close the computer and edit my bookshelf, because at the end of the day, I’d prefer to be a closet light-brain than a known light-brain.

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