But I’m Nowhere Near There

My brother and sister play this game, anytime one of them sees an unusually awesome looking car on the road, they will send a text message to the other with the name of the car and the place where they saw it. For example “BMW M1, I-95 exit 103” and the other will text back “Awesome, but I’m nowhere near there.”

I have been excluded from this game due to my apparent lack of knowledge of hot new cars. I had to google “cool car” to find an example for my text above.

Recently, though, I saw a documentary on the History Channel-my guilty pleasure- about 1980s technology, and one of the items featured was this car:

It’s a 1982 DeLorean. Technically, a DeLorean DMC12, but because this is the only model the company made, people don’t say the DMC-12 part. Also, it’s the time machine from Back to The Future. Also, its a “cool car” with nostalgia and character. And I love nostalgia. And character.