My boyfriend suffers from depression.

Does this mean I should suffer with him?

I suffer from low self esteem, and I am acutely aware of this.

I keep thinking I need to end this. I think, why should I be stuck in a relationship where my partner doesn’t want to do things with me, doesn’t make an effort to see me, doesn’t understand why all this upsets me.

And then I think, but if I break things off, I will be alone. I like thinking that I have someone to confide in, someone to share things with, someone to turn to when I’m upset.

And then I think, I’m that person for him. I’m who he turns to when he’s upset, when he’s depressed. And is it fair for me to not be there for him if I want him to be there for me?

And then I think, if I break things off, he’ll get more upset and more depressed, and now is not the time to do that to him.

But maybe now is the time to do that. Maybe I shouldn’t wait until he is happy, because then I will be set him into ANOTHER bout of depression.

I love him. I think he loves me, but he never tells me unless I say it first.

He makes me laugh. When he’s not depressed, I can make him laugh.

We enjoy the same forms of entertainment, though lately we haven’t been doing much of anything.

I will only persue a relationship that I think has long term potential. Does this?

I love him.


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