Am I Really That Old?

Today, my professor said “Does anybody here know what Y2K was?”. I thought he was kidding, but the response of the class seemed to indicate that they only knew about Y2K by hearing about it from others. One guy raised his hand and said, “Wasn’t it that time right before the year 2000, when everyone thought the world was going to explode because computers weren’t equipped to handle the new date changes?”

Most of the students in this class were freshmen. They were 8 years old when Y2K happened. I suppose that there is a difference between the way a 12 year old sees the world (which is how old I was during the Y2K scare) and the way an 8 year old sees things, but I didn’t think it would be that different. I didn’t think they wouldn’t remember something that people were worrying about for months over. I guess I was wrong, I guess 8 year olds are just more naive than I realized.

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