Hate is a Strong Word…

…but I really, really, really, don’t like these things:

*When I call the mechanic to make an appointment for my car, ask for a certain time, he asks if we could make it half an hour earlier, and I say that will be a stretch for me to make it, but I’ll try to get there on time. Then, when I arrive half an hour late (the time I WANTED to make the appointment for originally), no other clients are there and they are more than happy to take me. WHY couldn’t you just schedule me in at this time to begin with??

*Parking garages that say “visitor parking straight ahead” but actually only have 30 min. parking meters for visitors. What if I have an hour an a half long class? I can’t possibly leave class twice to feed the meters.

*Drivers who take 45 seconds to realize the red light has turned green.

*Students who don’t look where they are walking, walk into the middle of traffic, then give the finger to cars who almost hit them.

*People saying they will do something then not doing it. I will not elaborate on this, but it’s happened to me several times recently.

*7-11 coffee.

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