I Enjoy Being a Girl, but…

Here are some reasons why being a man is so much easier:

-If you don’t wear makeup, no one’s gonna say anything or look at you strangely or think of you as unprofessional. Same thing with hair styling. Seriously, I want just ONE wake up and go day that I don’t end up regretting later. Just one, please!!

-You don’t end up crying for hours for no explainable reason except that, well, your internal hormones are just doing their thing.

-2 outfits. That’s all you ever really need. Maybe 3 or 4 if you’re super stylish. Think of all that saved closet space.

-If you wear tight, uncomfortable, constricting clothing and shoes that result in long term joint and muscle pain, you’re crazy, not fashionable.

-Pockets in every garment.

-You don’t get pints of blood pouring out of you monthly, potentially ruining both clothing and a sexy evening.

-Less work, more money. Also, less money spent on styling products and clothing.

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