People Actually Like New York?

I think people like their friends. If your friends happen to be in New York, there could be no happier place on earth. If, however, you happen to be a law student who moved to “The City” for the loads of educational and professional opportunities it affords, and in doing so left behind all of your close friends and your boyfriend in Washington, DC., it’s not so great.

Here are some more not so great things about New York:
-It smells like garbage constantly. I think everyday of the week must be garbage pick-up day on my block.
-The water tastes like spit. I have yet to invest in a Brita, but I’ve decided it’s necessary.
-Food is at-least 33% more expensive here. The fact that the average income is higher is of no help to someone paying her way through student loans.
-Walking up several flights of steps on Shabbat is almost a given. I happen to be lucky and live on the 4th floor, the apartment where I ate friday night dinner, however, was on the 9th floor.
-I need to invest in a whole new wardrobe. I knew I was going to have to buy some professional pieces for law school, however, I did not realize I would have to buy what essentially amounts to wedding attire to wear on Shabbat.
-Heels are everyday shoes, flats are lounging around the apartment shoes.
-For some reason, my hair died almost immediately after moving here. I think it’s a depiction of my morale.

One comment on “People Actually Like New York?

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you need to buy a whole new wardrobe for Shabbat–e.g. different from law school attire–you're in the wrong neighborhood. Lemme guess…Washington Heights?And have Shabbat meals at buildings with high Jewish populations…they have shabbat elevators 🙂

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