New City, New Foods

A review of some of the many new products I’ve tried since moving to New York:

  • Banana Snapple: Surprisingly not so good. I love snapple, and I love banana flavored anything, so I thought this would be the perfect drink after I walked four miles to get back home last week (It was better than taking the rush hour subway). It tasted like watered down milk, though. Conclusion: Banana drinks are better left to the milk-based variety.
  • Pretzel M&Ms: Surprisingly good. I had heard these tasted like malt candies, but not at all. I grew up on chocolate covered pretzels, and these are a brightly colored version of that. One complaint, because there always has to be at least one, is that there wasn’t really enough salt for my liking. I’d suggest using a coarser type of salt.
  • Vegan and Kosher prepackaged “chicken” sandwiches from the organic market down the street: Delicious, though I wonder if vegans haven’t had meat for so long that they mislabled the sandwich. It tasted much more like turkey than like chicken.

I really have never eaten as much junk food as I am right now. Perhaps it’s because of the stress of law school, or perhaps it’s emotional eating, but whatever the reason, these junk food manufacturers need to stop making new varieties of food, because I need to stop eating them!