SlutWalk DC

I got an invitation on facebook to SlutWalk DC.

SlutWalk is a march to protest blaming the victim in sexual harassment and sexual assault cases. The official SlutWalk DC website lists the demands that the protestors assert, essentially just that every DC resident should have equal access to reproductive health care (including abortions), every victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment should be able to receive treatment, and that all people should be able to report sexual assault/harassment without fear of other legal repercussions, such as deportation for undocumented aliens.

The demands are not so farfetched. I completely, one hundred percent support them.

Apparently, SlutWalk was started because Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto police officer, gave a talk to college women at Osgoode Hall Law School in which he said that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order to avoid being victimized”.

It is true. Women and men should also avoid walking through inner city streets to avoid being mugged, children should avoid walking alone in order to avoid being kidnapped, and consumers should avoid using their social security number to avoid identity theft.

That being said, muggers should stop mugging, rapists should stop raping, and men (and women!) should stop thinking of women as sex objects. Of course. And, people that are victims of these crimes should certainly have the right and the security to report the crimes and get treated, if needed.

However, if your goal is to avoid getting raped, there are some things you can do to prevent it. Dress like you want to show off your brains, not your body.

Of course, sexualization of women in the workplace is all too common, and should be avoided. But lets be honest, is a bunch of women marching through the city scantily clad, showing off their bodies, and advocating for “sluts” really going to make chauvinists think any higher of women? I think not.


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