Hair Covering

I’m considering writing an article–not just a blog post, an article, with sources and footnotes and all-about hair covering. My goal in the article would be to compile ALL the things I read about hair covering before coming to my own decision (that I don’t need to cover my hair, but I will do so in shul out of respect) to help others make an informed decision. 

My question is–do you all think this would be helpful? I know there are a zillion similar articles out there, and really, enough is enough already, but I also think that it might be good to have all the primary sources collected and in one place, without being preachy one way or the other (which I know will be hard, since of course I do have an opinion on the subject).

Separately, I’m wondering whether if I do write the article, should I post it here on my anonymous blog? Sometimes, I really hate that I have to be anonymous on the blog, but really, I don’t want potential employers googling my name and then finding all about my sexual practices. (Not to mention my parents, who heretofore don’t know that I ever had premarital sex, and I’d like that to stay that way!) Sigh, maybe I should just let you all know my first name, which is really not all that common, and if you know me, you know, and if not, I won’t show up in search results…

But I digress. Should I publish this article, if at all, anonymously on the blog or using my name, but not attached to the blog? I’d like this blog to have more primary sources, but I also realize that if someone were handed an article ascribed only to “OrthoFeminist” they may not take it as seriously as I’d like.

Well, let me know what you think. Comment or shoot me an email at 


One comment on “Hair Covering

  1. FrumGeek says:

    I wouldn’t reveal your first name here. From there it wouldn’t be hard for folks to find out who you are, and once its out, its out

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