My New Year’s Resolution

I was recently sitting at my computer, typing in all sorts of feminist twitter hashtags, hoping someone somewhere would link to some article about feminism or judaism or both (GOD PLEASE LET IT BE BOTH), when I began to get this itching feeling in the back of my head

“You’ve read all of the internet” it told me.

“Don’t be silly” I replied.

“OK, fine, you haven’t read all of the internet, but you’ve read a good majority of the stuff relating to women, judaism, abortion, rabbinic rule, contraception, modesty, sexuality…”

“Well, okay. But there has to be MORE. There is always more.”

And that’s when the nagging voice in my head told me that if I want more, I should write it. And why not? I’ve read and experienced so much lately, I have so much material.  There’s the woman that stopped covering her hair because she was angry at god. There’s the JOFA conference I attended, and especially the session on mikvah. There’s the time that I went to the mikvah with nail polish and absolutely nothing happened. So, why don’t I write about it? Well, because writing is hard. Writing in secret from my husband is even harder. But-I owe the internet my input. Like any good user-generated content system, it works better the more you add to it.

And then I pushed that thought aside. But not a week later, my husband shared with me an interesting article he found on He didn’t send the link, and I’m too lazy to look for it,*  but the gist is that there are basically two types of internet users: producers and consumers. He, without knowing about this blog or my feelings of inadequacy for not posting more regularly, told me about how it’s not fair to only be a consumer, you have to do your duty as a producer as well.

And now here we are.

About 30 seconds before writing this post, I decided that my New Year’s Resolution will be to write a post every Friday. Fridays are good because I don’t work but my husband does. I tend to spend the first few hours sitting lazily around my apartment in my pajamas, sipping coffee and checking facebook. Well, now I have a reason to make my mornings more productive. I’m counting on you to keep me honest. If I skip a Friday, send me an angry email or write a comment. Keep me accountable. That’s how this relationship can work best.

So, without further ado, I will sit down to write my next post, and hopefully have it up here within the hour.

*Edited to add: I found the article. Someone else posted it on facebook and I read it. Link here.

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