Fabric Softener

I was perusing the search terms that led some of y’all to my blog, and while most were common and expected (Niddah, mikvah, jewish marriage, etc) there was one that was just downright funny. Apparently, someone had googled the question:

“why ultra orthodox jews don’t use fabric softner?”

Apparently, they were led to my blog because of a post where I wrote that you’re not supposed to use hair conditioner when preparing to dunk in the mikvah. 

Just to set the record straight, for anyone who might be wondering,


Now, this got me wondering, why would anyone even suspect such a thing in the first place. I came to the only (semi) logical conclusion, which was that because some brands of fabric softener have an OU on them, perhaps someone thought that we can’t use fabric softener? OK, I realize that’s not only not semi-logical, it’s downright non-logical, but I’ll let it slide. And, to answer the question, some brands of fabric softener (and aluminum foil and dish soap and plastic bags and laundry detergent and disinfectant spray, you get the point) have an OU or other kosher symbol on them, because, well, kashrut companies like money. I’m serious. I was once present when someone asked a senior official at the OU why the put hechserim on non-edible products even though that might mislead someone into thinking that they MUST buy the soap with the OU on it, and he said, the companies approach US and ask us to do it. They find that their product sells when it has the OU symbol.  Since the soap technically is made out of all kosher ingredients, we oblige.

It’s either that, or someone thinks you might eat your clothes.

New City, New Foods

A review of some of the many new products I’ve tried since moving to New York:

  • Banana Snapple: Surprisingly not so good. I love snapple, and I love banana flavored anything, so I thought this would be the perfect drink after I walked four miles to get back home last week (It was better than taking the rush hour subway). It tasted like watered down milk, though. Conclusion: Banana drinks are better left to the milk-based variety.
  • Pretzel M&Ms: Surprisingly good. I had heard these tasted like malt candies, but not at all. I grew up on chocolate covered pretzels, and these are a brightly colored version of that. One complaint, because there always has to be at least one, is that there wasn’t really enough salt for my liking. I’d suggest using a coarser type of salt.
  • Vegan and Kosher prepackaged “chicken” sandwiches from the organic market down the street: Delicious, though I wonder if vegans haven’t had meat for so long that they mislabled the sandwich. It tasted much more like turkey than like chicken.

I really have never eaten as much junk food as I am right now. Perhaps it’s because of the stress of law school, or perhaps it’s emotional eating, but whatever the reason, these junk food manufacturers need to stop making new varieties of food, because I need to stop eating them!

Blogging Makes the World a Better Place

Just minutes after I posted my disgruntled post earlier today, things started turning around.

I found out that I didn’t actually leave my wallet at home, rather, had thrown it not in my purse but in my backpack, which I had with me as well. And there was still time before the test to down my tall iced vanilla latte with skim milk. The one down side to this event was that the coffee bar had run out of caramel syrup, so I wasn’t able to get my caramel macciato, but hey, caffeine and sugar is caffeine and sugar in any form.

I met with my Boss, who was very sympathetic to my plight and said the only reason she mentioned my absence was because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t sick or otherwise incapacitated. I am sick, but that’s not the point. She cares about me, and thinks I’m a fine employee.

I sat down to write my reasons for wanting to attend law school. Turns out, I have some pretty legit reasons. And also, apparently, I’m pretty darn good candidate if I do say so myself. My resume is overflowing with things I’ve done to be proactive in my community, and that’s OBVIOUSLY something that will follow me in my law career.

I’m still unholy and dirty, but after a whole day of meetings and classes and talking with professors, I sort of seem to forget about it.

Also, and most importantly, I know I have yummy leftover carrot soup waiting for me at home.

The Worst Day Ever

Well, maybe not ever. But here’s a list of what happened in the last five hours:

-I planned to wake up at 7:30 to daven, shower, and study. I woke up at 9:30, and only had time to study. Now I feel unholy and dirty.

-I’m sick, but I just took off school for Yom Kippur and will be taking off more time to go home for Succot, so I really can’t justify missing any more class.

-I’m in an eternal state of “Do I really want to go to law school or not, and if not, what DO I want to do?” I sometimes picture myself as a forensic analyst, but then tell myself there is a reason I’ve been avoiding any type of science-type classes. Then I get mad at myself for not taking a more well rounded course load.

-I’ve been spending too much time with the boyfriend. I think my roomates are annoyed. It’s not their right to be annoyed (because we spend time at his house, not mine) but I don’t want to get on their bad side.

-The meeting I was supposed to go to at 12 was apparently at 10. I never got the email, the boss asked me if I forgot and is meeting personally with me later.

-I have to give my advisor reasons why I want to go to law school so she can write a reccomendation letter for me. I can’t really think of any other than, “I’ll make a lot of money” and “I want my parents to be proud of me”.

-I went to the coffee shop to get my standard feel better drink, a tall iced skinny caramel macciato, and realized that even though i had shlepped my whole purse with me, and even had to go back to one of my classes because I left it there, my credit card is still at home.