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I’ve set up an email address for you to contact me at:

If you want to say something relevant to a post, please post in the comments.

However, if you’d like to say something to me privately, please use this email.

Looking forward to hearing all of your comments, suggestions, and thoughts!

One comment on “Contact The OrthoFeminist

  1. HI,
    I was reading your post on post- modesty and really loved it! I have a new brand of modest activewear: Chanabana and what makes it special is that it contains outfits for all levels of modesty ( 4 different lengths of skirts). You can see the full collection at

    Anyway Why I loved what you wrote is because I agree that modesty isnt something you can measure with numbers, and is so individual. I’m also looking to collaborate with women who arent necessarily religous and just enjoy the concept of modesty. I read that you like running in shorts, Would you like to try one of my running skirts?

    Chana Rachel

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